Back To School Car Care Tips


It is that time of year again where summer is coming to an end and the new focus is getting ready for the upcoming semester. We take car safety in McKinney quite seriously, and as a student, if you use a car to get back and forth to classes or your part-time job, then now is the time to take the steps you need to in order to keep your car safe on the roads.

It is important to remember that your car is a complicated machine that needs regular maintenance and looking after in order to keep it functioning properly and most importantly, keep you and others safe on the roads. Whether you are a 5-hour drive from your university or taking classes locally at the nearby community college, car safety is important. Minimize your risk of breakdowns, blown out tires, and more by following these back-to-school car care tips.

Monitor your tire pressure

Keeping an eye on your tire pressure is one of the most important in terms of safety. If your tires are overinflated, it puts you at risk for a blowout, in which you could lose control of your vehicle and cause an accident. If your tires are under-inflated, you also risk losing control of your vehicle as you will have less traction. Tire pressure also affects your gas mileage, so if you want to get the best gas mileage that you can, ensure that your tires are at the right level. Don’t forget to also check your tires’ traction for wear and tear, as tires that need to be rotated or replaced every so often and it can be very dangerous driving on worn down tires.

Replace your windshield wiper blades

Old windshield wiper blades can’t do their job properly. If you don’t have blades that are of good use, it can severely affect your visuals while driving in the rain. Old blades will also cause you trouble when you are trying to clean off your windshield with its spraying function, as they will simply make the windshield even more murky and cloudy.

Top off all of your fluids

There are a lot more fluids in your car than oil and gas. Make sure that all the necessary fluids are topped off, your transmission fluid, brake fluid, wiper fluid, coolants, etc. Keeping your car’s fluids in check means keeping your car’s engine in check, and not doing so can cause permanent damage to your engine.

Ensure that you have your oil changed by the appointed date

A lot of college students are known for driving their car past its service date, however, this can be extremely dangerous as well as cause permanent damage to your car. Make sure that you have your oil changed and your car serviced by the appointed date to ensure you don’t end up broken down on the side of the road with a burnt-out engine.

Keep an emergency kit in your car

Even when regularly serviced and looking after your car, it is important to always be prepared for an emergency. Keep an emergency kit in your car just in case.

Have your brakes inspected

When you take your car in to be serviced, make sure that you have your brakes inspected. If something goes wrong with your brakes, this can be the most dangerous of all. When you go in for car maintenance in McKinney, they will likely check out all the important stuff, such as your brakes. Ensuring you take your car in regularly should ensure you are safer on the roads.

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