5 Signs You Need New Brakes


You may not think about them very often, but your vehicle’s brakes are perhaps the most important component and should be kept in great working condition at all times. As the colder weather settles in, this is even more important. It is easy for most of us to forget just how important our brakes are and how necessary they are to keep us safe. Chances are you don’t give them a second thought most of the time, that is until you suddenly need to stop while traveling at a high speed and they bring you to a standstill. It is then that you are likely very thankful you have stayed on top of your vehicle’s maintenance and your brakes are in great working condition.

Brakes may not be the most exciting part of a car, but they are undoubtedly one of the most critical. This is why it is so important you pay attention to the warning signs that may indicate they need a little TLC from your local McKinney car service company. There are numerous obvious signs that your brakes need servicing, but there is also a handful of more subtle signs that may indicate your brakes are on their way out. Here at Nortex Lube & Tune, we strive to provide all of our customers with excellent service that aims to keep your vehicle in top working condition. We’ve come up with a list of five signs to look for that may indicate you need new brakes:

  • You notice the brake pedal is vibrating – When you apply pressure to the brake pad to slow down and notice a vibration or a grabbing sensation, it may be a sign that your pads are starting to wear. Some mechanics will refer to this as “pulsating brakes”. In most cases the vibration is caused by brakes that are wearing out or brake pads that have become warped by the heat. This is one of the first signs you may need to replace your brakes, so pay attention and bring your car in right away if you feel a vibration when braking.
  • You hear a clicking sound when braking – If you notice a clicking sound when the brakes are applied, it may be another sign they are starting to wear. Car manufacturers include a device that prevents the pads from rattling, so when you start to hear a clicking or similar noise when pressing down on the pedal, it means the pads need to be replaced.
  • You hear a screeching sound – This is perhaps the most obvious – and cringe worthy – sign your car is in need of new brakes. If you notice a high-pitched screeching noise when fully pressing down on the brake pedal, bring your car into the mechanic. While the pitch may vary and your brakes may not make this noise every single time you use them, your vehicle is warning you that the brakes are wearing out and need to be serviced.
  • You hear a grinding or growling sound – When you hear a grinding or growling sound when using your brakes, chances are you waited too long and your brake pads aren’t the only thing in need of replacing. A grinding sound usually indicates the brake disk and brake caliber are rubbing together, which means your brake pad is completely gone.
  • You experience a pulling sensation – A car pulling to one side of the road may mean a few different things are going on, including that the brake pads need to be replaced. If you notice pulling when pressing the brakes down, bring your car into Nortex Lube & Tune today.

We hope you now have a good idea of what some of the most common signs that your car’s brakes need to be placed are. If you notice any of the above or simply think it’s time for a tune-up, bring your car into our McKinney brake servicing center.


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