5 Reasons Why Cars Breakdown


We are highly dependent upon our cars. They get us and our families to where we need to be. It is for this reason that having your car breakdown is always a major inconvenience, and it often seems to happen at the worst times as well. Cars are complex machines, and it is inevitable that we will experience a bit of car trouble at some point. There a few common reasons that cars can break down, and by knowing what they are you can either be prepared if it happens to you or you can use the knowledge as a preventative measure.

#1 A bad battery

The number one reason cars break down or don’t start is because of a bad battery. Batteries are sensitive to weather conditions and extreme temperatures, so sometimes the weather is the reason behind battery troubles. However, over time batteries become weak, and sometimes corroded, and it is necessary to have them replaced as a part of your maintenance routine. When you take your car in for a McKinney car service, the mechanic will also run tests on the battery and its connections to ensure that it is strong and working properly.

#2 Damaged or broken belts

The belts in your car help keep all the moving parts running smoothly. If they become worn, damaged, or broken it will prohibit your car from running like it needs to. Broken belts can lead to engine problems which will be much more expensive and troublesome down the line. Therefore, it is important to have your car regularly serviced to ensure little problems are prevented and don’t lead to bigger ones.

#3 A faulty starter

A commonly confused reason for a car breaking down or not starting is due to a broken starter. If you put the key in the ignition and turn it and either hear nothing or hear an odd clicking sound, then you likely have a faulty starter. Often people mistake starter issues with battery issues, however, if the lights are switching on in your car etc., yet it still will not start, this is typically an indicator that it is not the battery but the starter.

#4 Bad spark plugs

Another issue cars can face is faulty spark plugs. The spark plugs produce an electrical spark in your car that ignites the fuel in the engine, allowing the pistons to move up and down and give your engine power. If the spark plugs on your car are worn out it will likely lead to a car that won’t run.

#5 An overworked engine

If your car’s temperature gauge is in the red zone, this may mean that your engine is in the stages of overheating which cannot only permanently damage your car but is dangerous. If you experience this you should turn off the AC and blast the heat. This helps the car to move the heat away from the engine. There are several reasons that can lead to an overworked or overheated engine and your best decision would be to take your car in to find out exactly what is causing the issue before it causes expensive damage.

The best way to avoid car breakdowns and high-priced repairs is to make sure you maintain your car by getting it regularly serviced here at Nortex Lube & Tune. As a trusted and knowledgeable McKinney car shop, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have about your vehicle’s maintenance. Call us or come by today to schedule an appointment.


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