Why is My Car Shaking?


If you have recently gotten in your car or been driving it and noticed that is has started shaking, it can be quite an alarming thing. Whether it is moderate to severe, it is extremely important that very soon after you notice the problem you take it into a trusted McKinney car shop to identify the problem and have it resolved.

The problem could be a simple one to a complex one, but regardless, it is important to have it looked at. It is important to remember that leaving auto issues until the end can only lead to the problem worsening or spreading. The sooner you have your car problems fixed, the more likely you will be to save time, money, and effort in the future. If your car is shaking or vibrating keep reading to learn about some of the most common reasons behind it.

#1 Problems with the engine

The engine is typically the most common cause when a car starts to shake or vibrate. There are a few parts in the engine that can malfunction leading to this problem. Typically, if something goes wrong with the spark plugs or the engine air filter it can cause a car to shake. The spark plug connections could be faulty or the air filter could be dirty or clogged.

#2 Problems with the brakes

If you notice that the shaking or vibrating occurs when you put pressure on the breaks, then the problem is likely related to the front braking mechanism of your car. This part of the brake system typically endures the most stress. Several parts of this mechanism can malfunction leading to a shaking car. The brake pads and rotors are a part of the front disc brakes that need to be replaced about every 50,000 miles, although this timeline is highly dependent on your vehicle and how you drive.

#3 Problems with the axle

Your car most likely has two axles. Axles serve to connect the wheels in the front and in the back. If one of your axles is damaged it can cause shaking or vibrating of the car. Axles can become damaged in accidents or by running over objects in the road. There can also be problems here if the CV joins become warn, which is another important thing to check on.

#4 Problems with the wheel

If when your car is shaking or vibrating and you feel it strongly in your steering wheel, this could indicate an issue with one of the wheels. Various parts of the wheels can create this problem, from faulty or worn wheel bearings to the ball joints, or the tie rod ends.

#5 Problems with the tires

If you only notice that your car is shaking or vibrating once you hit certain speeds, it is likely an issue with your tires. Many times, the solution is having your tires balanced or rotated. If they are out of balance it can cause uneven wearing which can lead to vibration. Your tires may just need to be replaced all together to fix the problem.

If you have more questions about car maintenance in McKinney, call our trusted auto shop for answers. Here at Nortex Lube & Tune we are a highly recommended and trusted car shop that has your safety and satisfaction as a number one priority. Don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule a consultation today.


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