What Should My Car Service Include?


Each and every car service is different and unique to the vehicle, just like each doctor’s visit depends on the person! However, there are a handful of items that should be checked in order to ensure everything is running smoothly with your car. While some cars may require more service than others, all cars are designed and manufactured with a service schedule in mind for the car. By making a point to follow this schedule and bring your car in for a regular full-service checkup when necessary, you will have a much better chance of keeping your car running for many, many years.

So, how do you know what type of service your car requires? As mentioned, be sure and check your owner’s manual or manufacturer guidebook, as it will have all the relevant information you need. It is also important to note that how your vehicle is checked and what they look for will likely vary from shop to shop, but for the most part, they should all perform a basic overview of how the car is running and look for any potential problem areas. Here at Nortex Lube & Tune, we make it a point to offer our customers a comprehensive car service that will provide them with the peace of mind and information necessary to keep their car running smoothly. We recommend both interim and full-service check-up for your vehicle to ensure optimal health and to ensure we catch any problems before they become a hazard.

When you bring your car into our McKinney car shop for servicing, we will do the following:

  • Check your lights – All Nortex Lube & Tune services include a comprehensive check of your vehicle’s exterior lights. We will make sure the front, rear, side, and main lights are working, as well as your indicators, hazards, brake and reverse lights, and fog lights.
  • Check your fluids – We will check the level of all your car’s fluids, including the engine oil, windshield wiper fluid, coolant, and power steering fluid. At this time we will also check your vehicle’s oil filter and determine if it will need to be replaced.
  • Check your brakes – We will conduct a full inspection of your brakes, which includes making sure there is enough brake fluid to keep them in good condition. We will check over your brake pads to ensure they are the right depth and do not pose any dangers.
  • Check your tires – During our full service, we will check your tires for obvious damage, such as cracks or punctures. We will also rotate your tires, if necessary, and make sure they have the minimum tread depth required. If necessary, we will inflate your tires to the appropriate level.
  • Check your instruments – Our services also include a test that checks all the electrical instruments (speedometer, mileage counter, etc.) to make sure they are working properly.
  • Check your engine – Your engine is a critical piece of any given car, which is why we take the time to check all of its components to ensure everything is in good working condition. This will include checking the transmission and rear axle, the radiator, all hoses, clutch (if applicable), drive shaft joints and gaiters, suspension linkages, ball joints, and shock absorbers.
  • Check your interior – Unlike many other car shops, we also check your vehicle’s interior. This includes all internal and external mirrors, locks, seats, doors, and emergency handbrake.

If you have any additional questions about our full car service, please contact Nortex Lube & Tune today. We are here to meet all your McKinney car maintenance needs and are happy to explain our services to you in more detail.


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