What Motor Oil Is Best For My Car?


Motor oil is quite the important component when it comes to keeping your car healthy and in good working condition. The motor oil in your car will largely affect the service life of the rest of the parts of your car’s engine. Motor oil works as a lubricant for your engine and helps maintain good temperature, minimize wear and tear, and discourage corrosion and build up. Choosing a good motor oil for your car as well as keeping your car’s oil filter serviced and maintained with a regular oil change in McKinney is important to keep your car running smoothly and safely.

While there is a lot of options to choose from when it comes to motor oil, there are a few ways that you can go about narrowing it down. First things first, you will need to check your car’s owner’s manual to learn about the suggested oil weight for your car. After you identify the viscosity that your car requires (i.e., 5W30, 15W40, etc.) and determine whether or not your car has been previously using synthetic oil or not, then you can decide upon the brand and quantity. You will, of course, want to choose a motor oil brand that has been tested and meets the standards of the American Petroleum Institute.

Choosing between synthetic and conventional motor oil

Other than the brand, there are different types of oil of course. The two categories that motor oil comes in is synthetic and conventional oil. The two categories of motor oil branch off into 4 types, premium conventional oil, full synthetic oil, synthetic blend oil, and high mileage oil.

Premium conventional oil

Premium conventional oil is largely used in new cars. You will find a version of most major brands and it will be available in different viscosities. For lower temperatures, car makers will generally specify a 5W-20 or 5W-30, and for higher ambient temperatures, an optional 10W-30. These three ratings can generally be used for most all low-duty vehicles. It is important to change this oil and filter regularly, typically at either every 4000 miles or every 4 months.

Full synthetic oil

Full synthetic oil is made for higher-tech engines. This type of oil usually is of the utmost quality in terms of how long it lasts and its performance. It is known to have great protective qualities in regards to keeping your engine safe from premature corrosion and deposits. This type of oil flows best at lower temperatures but reaches its maximum lubricity at higher temperatures. This oil is highly desirable because of its quality and efficiency, but quite expensive with regular maintenance. While this type of oil has high value, not every engine requires this quality.

Synthetic blend oil

Synthetic blend oil consists of a blend of synthetic oil mixed with organic oil and is created to protect in higher temperatures and higher loads. It is less volatile and evaporates at a much slower rate, which means less oil is lost and fuel efficiency is increased. Synthetic blend oil is a common choice for people who drive larger vehicles such as SUV’s and pickup trucks and desire high-load protection. This type of oil is also going to save you money over full synthetic options.

High mileage oil

High mileage oil is specially formulated for higher-mileage vehicles. While vehicles are made to last longer these days, there are many cars being driven into the 6-digit range of mileage. If you have an older car with high mileage, this may be a good option for you. High mileage oils have a bit higher levels of viscosities and maybe a bit more viscosity-index improvers. With these tweaks in their formula, high mileage oils help to keep piston-to-cylinder clearances sealed better.

Having your vehicle taken in for maintenance regularly is key to a healthy car that will run smoothly, safely, and last. When deciding on the type of motor oil that is right for your vehicle, you may want to consider discussing it with a nearby automobile service expert. When taking your car into a McKinney oil change shop, you want to make sure that it is someone you can trust. Here at Nortex Lube & Tune, our team will provide you with high quality, trustworthy, and friendly car service. Contact us today for an appointment.


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