What Does the Future of the Car Industry Look Like?

The automotive industry has been ever-evolving since the first creation of automobiles in the early 1900s. However, some of the most breakthrough technologies in vehicles have occurred in the last decade. Today, we will go over some of the craziest improvements in the automobile industry to date.


Alternative Fuels

Standard gasoline is no longer the only preferred "fuel" in town. There are many alternative fuel choices other than fossil fuels, and there is a push for them to become more widely available. A very trendy fuel option today is electricity, such as the ones used in Teslas. They are so popular that you may pull up to an airport or shopping mall with complimentary charging pumps. Biodiesel is another fuel alternative made from vegetable fats. Other forms of biodiesel are made from recycled restaurant oils, making this type of power super-efficient. It isn't as popular as electric cars, but it is definitely an advancement to watch for.

The Decline of Manual Transmission

Another interesting shift in the automobile industry is the fact that manual transmission vehicles are fading out slowly. Less than three percent of cars sold in 2016 were manual transmissions, making it only preferable to the older generation. Automatic transmissions have proven over the last few decades to be easier to use and achieve better mileage than before. People also have heavier reliability on public transportation in big cities. 

The Internet of Things 

Internet of Things, or IoT, is a network of physical devices, like your lights, air conditioning, home alarm system, and hairdryer. The concept of IoT emphasizes the connections and communications of how we interact with everyday items. The IoT creates possibilities for more direct integration of the physical world into computer-based systems, resulting in time and cost-efficiency.


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