Types of Problematic Vehicle Smells

If you want to keep your car, SUV, or truck running smoothly, you need to pay attention to any weird smells. While it may sound funny, certain car odors can signal car troubles. Therefore, you should never ignore any unusual smell. Read on to learn more about automobile odors and what they could mean:

Burning Carpet

The smell of burning carpet often signals that you have brake problems. If you notice this scent, please be sure to have your brakes inspected soon.

Rotten Eggs

The odor of rotten eggs is quite strong, so you won’t miss this. This smell means that your catalytic converter has gone bad. The catalytic converter is responsible for turning toxic fumes into sulfur dioxide. When it doesn’t work as it should, the stench will reek.


When you catch a sweet syrupy smell, it is typically a sign of a coolant leak. You should especially have your cooling system checked out because your car can overheat soon thereafter. 

Burning Rubber

If your car emits a burnt rubber smell, this may be an indication that your belt is sliding or rubbing against another component. If the problem is not fixed soon, the belt will wear down quickly, snap, and cause extensive repairs

Musty Odor

Mildew and molds can grow in the A/C evaporator if there is buildup moisture. To resolve this problem, you should turn off the A/C and run the fan on high to dry up the system. Also, roll down your windows.

As you can see, you should definitely pay attention to the smells your vehicle emits. If you need a professional mechanic to diagnose your odd car smell, please do not hesitate to come by Nortex Lube and Tune soon.