The Meaning of the Power Steering System Warning Light

A car's system requires sheer caution lest you want to be going to the mechanic day in and day out. It's a complicated system that unanimously works together towards running the engine and controlling the vehicle. Everyone who has driven a car, whether manual or automatic, knows the importance of the dashboard signs. Minor negligence of a warning sign could lead to even more severe damage that might require a complicated mechanical overhaul. Its aftermath is undue expenditure on repair and compromise of the efficiency of the vehicle.

Power Steering System Warning

Every time you see a red or yellow warning sign in the shape of a steering wheel and an exclamation mark on your dashboard, something is cooking with your hydraulic, and you have to stop. The first indicator of the warning light is a problem with your car's hydraulic system. The hydraulic fluid in the system might leak and make your steering inefficient. If you neglect the signs and continue driving, you risk ramming your vehicle because of the compromised steering system.

Secondly, the EPS warning sign on an electric power steering dashboard might be a wee bit more complicated to diagnose. Since the system of an electric power steering doesn't have any fluids to leak, the problem will most likely be in the battery or the alternator. It is advisable to open the bonnet and check the connections that draw power from the battery to the car's steering system. Constant jumpstarting of a vehicle or recent battery disconnection are common causes of power steering system failure. The problem is often diagnosed by simply turning off the car and restarting because the steering angle sensor sometimes might send erroneous information. If the situation insists, it is good to check with your mechanic because it could be an indicator of an underlying condition in your car's system.

It is never advisable to drive once the power steering warning sign pops up on your dashboard. The best you can do is perform the diagnostics yourself if the problem is minor and check on your mechanic immediately. The steering system is the most critical part of your vehicle because it helps guide your car. Any jeopardy in the system might thus be the prerequisite of an impending accident. 

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