Oil Changes for Mother’s Day?


May is the month that comes along in which we try and plan something special for our mothers. They have done it all for us growing up, so it’s important to us to take this one day to really try and make it special for them. The problem is trying to figure out what you can do to make this day special. Well, this year, when you get the flowers and the card, why not add a gift that is practical as well? Of course, moms love the cheesy and lovey-dovey stuff, but the ultimate gift this year will be taking care of your mom’s oil change.

We all know how annoying it is to have to set aside time in our busy schedules to go and get an oil change, and the last thing you would want is your mom having to sit and wait by herself at a McKinney car shop on Mother’s Day, so why not do something truly special for mom and take care of getting her oil changed for her? Not only will this show your mom how much you care by the gesture, but it will also show her that her safety is a priority for you; and when yours has always been a priority to her, we promise that it will mean a lot.

Important things to know about oil changes

When it comes to getting an oil change, one of the most important factors is that you take it to someone you can trust. Many times, people try and change their oil themselves and soon regret it, as it is quite difficult, time-consuming, messy, and can result in big problems for your car if not conducted properly.

When should you get an oil change?

Typically, the first place you should start is your owner’s manual. It holds all the answers as to how to properly maintain your car. Many cars now days have indicators that show up whenever the oil needs to be changed, and if this light comes on, you should take your car in for a checkup. Otherwise, you should check your oil levels yourself and look in your car’s manual as for what reason the light could have come on if the oil levels are fine. Typically, these indicators are mileage-based, and typically, if you have had your oil changed before, the mechanic will have written on a sticker on your windshield at what mileage point you should come back in for a change.

How often should you check your oil levels?

It is important to keep an eye on your car’s oil levels. To ensure your safety and the proper functioning of your vehicle, it is best to check your oil level at least once a month. If you ever spot a leak it is important to take your car in as soon as possible.

How often should you change the oil?

Typically, this is dependent on your vehicle. The best way for you to get the best answer is to again check your owner’s manual. Many people go by the rule of every 3,000 miles or every 3 months, but as automobiles progress and evolve, this rule can’t really be abided by. Remember that it isn’t just about miles. Even if you don’t drive the car a lot, oil maintenance is important.

If you are looking for a trusted car shop to take you or mom’s car in for an oil change in McKinney, here at Nortex Lube & Tube, we’ve got you covered. Our team of caring automobile experts will ensure you that you are in the right hands. Contact us or come by today and let us do what we do to keep you and your family safe out on the road.


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