How to Wash Your Car Like a Pro


Continuously paying to have your car washed every few weeks can get very pricey, very quickly. Especially with the unpredictable weather here in Texas, you could drop the cash to have your car washed on a sunny day and it could rain a few hours later ruining the new look of your clean and shiny exterior. A big money saver is learning to wash your car just like the pros.

The more often you clean out and wash your car, the easier it is and the less time it takes each time you do it. Taking care of your car means keeping it clean. Regularly cleaning the interior as well as the exterior will help to maintain its good condition, which is important for keeping up the value of your vehicle as cars are notorious for their quick depreciation. When it comes to washing your car like a pro, there are some simple steps that you can follow to ensure that you get it done right.

Step #1 Start with the interior – clean out your car

First thing’s first, you will want to clean out the interior of your car. Grab a trash bag and make sure you clean out all the trash. If you have junk lying around in your car that you don’t need, clean that out too. We promise a de-cluttered car will make you feel better and can even prevent theft in the future.

Step #2 Take out the floor mats, and bring out the vacuum

Take out the floor mats and shake them out. If there is any stains or grime on the mats you can use a carpet cleaning detergent to try and scrub it out with warm water and an old rag. Next, you will want to bring out the vacuum. Using a shop Vac is your best bet. Make sure you reach all the hard-to-get spots by moving the seats around and tackling all the cracks and crevasses. After you are finished vacuuming you can place your floor mats back in the car.

Step #3 Wipe down the seats and the dashboard

If you have leather seats you will want to use a cleaner/solution that is made especially for leather seats. If you have cloth seats you may need to clean a few spots using solution specifically made for that type of material.

Take a damp microfiber cloth to wipe down the dashboard and entire area. Don’t forget the door handles, etc. You can then use a cleaner made for this type of material with a new cloth to clean off any excess grime or oil. Whenever you are at this step, don’t forget about the seat belts. You can likely pick up the necessary solutions and materials at your nearby McKinney car shop.

Step #4 Clean the inside of your windows

Using a glass cleaner that is drip-proof and a microfiber cloth, you will want to wipe down the inside of your windows. This way you won’t get stuck trying to clean a smudge on the outside that is actually on the inside.

Step #5 Time for the exterior – start hosing the car down

First thing’s first you will need to hose down the entire car. Using a hose that has decent pressure will help a lot. Make sure you don’t miss the tires and surrounding areas.

Step #6 Start scrubbing

One of the best ways to do this is to fill two large buckets with water. In one of the buckets add your car cleaning solution, leave the other water clean. Using a car-washing mitt or a large sponge, start out with your soapy water on one side of the car. While you are scrubbing remember to rinse your mitt or sponge in the clean water every so often. Complete this action on all sides of the car, and don’t forget to hose the car off after scrubbing each side.

Step #7 Don’t forget about the tires

Your tires will be one of the dirtiest parts of your car. You may need to use a specific type of brush that is made for cleaning tires in order to get into the crevasses and tighter spots.

Step #8 Rinse and dry the car

Make sure to thoroughly rinse the car so that no soap or solution is left behind. You need to move fast when it comes to drying the car to ensure no streaks are left. Use a cotton cloth or one specifically made for drying your car and work in a circular motion from the top to the bottom.

Step #9 Time for wax

To top it all off, after the car is dry, use a cloth to apply car wax according to the directions on the bottle.

While regularly washing your car is important, taking your car in regularly for a car maintenance in McKinney is even more important.  If you have questions about keeping your car maintained, you can contact us here at Nortex Lube and Tune and we would be happy to help you answer them. Call to schedule an appointment with our trusted mechanics today!


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