How to Keep Your Car Cool This Summer


It’s summer here in Texas, and that means the heat is rising. We love summer, but the overwhelming temperatures can sometimes be really unpleasant. Hopping back into your car after just a quick grocery store run can feel like you are placing yourself into a human-sized oven. Downright miserable. It doesn’t help that the air conditioning takes so long to cool the car down that you only start to feel it by the time you have reached your next destination. The heat here is so intense that many Texans even re-consider whether they should buy a car with dark exterior and leather seats! We know how much of a pain it can be getting around when it is this scorching, so let’s talk about some tips that will help you stay a bit cooler in your car this summer.

While your car is parked

Typically, the biggest issue we experience is our car overheating while it is parked.

#1 Use a sunshade or window visor

This is probably the best way to keep your car cooler while it is parked outside in the sun. Always carry a sunshade or window visor with you in preparation for when you have to park in hot parking lots on a summer’s day. You can even purchase sunshades for your back window. You’d be surprised how much cooler your car will stay.

#2 Try to find a parking spot in a shaded area

Parking in the shade will keep your car several degrees cooler. Even if the walk to your car is a bit further, it will be worth not having to get into a scorching car. Whenever there is any sort of covering, such as a tree or shade for a building or tarp, take it.

#3 Use a dash cover

Keeping the leather, pleather, vinyl, or plastic parts of your car that are most exposed to the sun covered will help a lot when you are getting back into your hot car.  These covers also help to protect the vinyl from sun damage such as cracking and fading.

#4 Find something to cover your steering wheel

Ever gotten back in your car and burnt your hand touching your steering wheel? It is not pleasant. Find something like a hand towel to keep your steering wheel covered when parked. That way, you won’t burn your hands trying to drive away.

#5 Park in a parking garage when it is available

Parking in a parking garage will keep your car significantly cooler and is pretty much your best option for hot summer days.

#6 Keep your windows just a little bit cracked

By keeping your windows slightly cracked, it will allow for air flow to circulate through the car. This will help to keep it a bit cooler. Just make sure you don’t leave the window open enough that anyone can fit their hand or arm through.

#7 Keep items in your car out of the direct sunlight

Keep your possessions out of the direct sunlight when parked, as this can damage or ruin them. If you must keep them in the car, try storing them underneath the seat or use a blanket or towel to cover them.

#8 Find something to cover your seats

Keeping your seats covered with a blanket or towel will help to keep them cooler and prevent you from burning your legs when getting back in.

#9 Let your car cool off before getting in

Before getting back into your car, open the doors and turn on the AC. Leave it like this for a few minutes to help cool the car down before you get back in.

 While your car is in motion

Obviously, while you are driving you won’t be able to keep your sunshade up, so follow some of these tips to help keep your car cool while in motion.

#1 Tinted windows

Tinted windows can be really helpful for keeping some of the heat out of your car.

#2 Check that your air conditioning is working properly

If you notice your air conditioning is coming out a bit warm/lukewarm, there may be something wrong. Bring your car into Nortex Lube & Tune, a trusted McKinney car shop, to ensure that your AC is functioning properly and keeping you cool.

#3 Make sure your tires are inflated properly

Tires have a tendency to react to extreme temperatures. Make sure your tires are properly inflated before getting on the road to ensure your safety and that your tires are staying cool.

#4 Try a solar-powered fan

Grab a solar-powered fan for your car to help keep the air circulating. This can be a huge help on hot summer days. You can even use this fan while the car is parked.

Whenever we are experiencing extreme temperatures here in Texas, you want to make sure you are taking your vehicle in regularly for car service to ensure your safety and that your car is functioning properly in the intense degrees. Here at Nortex Lube & Tune, we are trusted and reliable. Contact us or come by today and let’s get started.


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