How to keep your brand-new car feeling brand new


Buying a brand-new car is a really exciting thing. We put a lot of time, energy, and money into purchasing a new car, and most of us have a strong desire to keep that brand-new car feeling brand new for as long as we can. Let’s face it, you and your car have a special relationship since you spend a lot of time together, so taking good care of that car is important to you. Whether you are trying to hang on to that brand-new car smell, the smoothness of the leather, or the finger-print free controls and dashboard, there are several steps you can take to maintain those and other new car characteristics…

Step #1 Keeping that shiny coat shiny

Typically, when you buy a new car, the dealership will give it to you nice, clean, and shiny, but this shiny new look will quickly wear off if you don’t do something to maintain it. After you take your car home from the dealership, you will want to give it another good washing and then treat it with a coat of wax in order to keep that exterior shiny and looking new. Not only will the wax help keep your car looking new, but it will help to protect the finish. You can even try upgrading your exterior detailing during the negotiation of the car’s purchase, as sometimes they will give you a great deal on a wax or clay job, or possibly even include it in the purchase of the car.

Step #2 Maintaining that amazing new car smell

The best way to maintain that new car smell that we all love so much is by keeping smelly stuff out, and keeping the new car smell in. A quite obvious one is avoiding letting anyone smoke, eat, or drink in your car. This will allow you to avoid the smells and the sticky, grimy spills. You can also attempt to keep the new car smell in by limiting the interior’s exposure to the outside world; try keeping your windows and doors closed as much as possible.

Step #3 Protecting that new spotless carpet

A good way to keep that carpet clean is by getting protective mats or plastic to cover them. You’d be surprised by how quickly car carpets get dirty with shoes, especially when there are kids around.

Step #4 Keeping the air conditioner fresh

This is not something that a lot of people know about, but air conditioning fans create moisture. By not allowing that fan to dry out, you can be exposing your car to a buildup of mold and mildew. Just a few minutes before reaching your destination, turn your AC off. This will give the fan a chance to dry out a bit before it sits stagnant for a period of time.

Step #5 Protecting your car from dings and scratches

Be aware of your surroundings; the number one enemy of cars when it comes to dings and scratches is usually the parking lot. Be careful when you park your car to not park too close to another car, since that could result in a door ding. Also, be sure that you are not parked in a parking lot with a lot of loose grocery carts or any other items that could run into your car and damage it.

Step #6 Keeping that interior fresh

Don’t forget about the interior of your car. Especially if you have leather, it is important to keep that leather conditioned so that it doesn’t crack and wither over time. One of the biggest enemies of leather is direct sunlight, so get a sunshade for your front windshield to help protect your leather from the sun. Also, park in the shade whenever possible.

There is a lot more to keeping your car in good condition than aesthetics. Taking care of your car’s interior is extremely important. Going in for a regular car maintenance will save you time and money in the long run. If you are looking for a trusted and reliable car shop in McKinney, then come to Nortex Lube & Tune. Contact us or come by today, and let us do what we do to keep you and your family safe and happy on the Texas roads.


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