How to improve your car’s fuel efficiency


If you are like any normal person who drives a car, it is likely that you have experienced the frustration, trouble, and annoyance of spending too much money filling up your car with gas. Maybe you have found yourself visiting the gas station all too often and thinking to yourself, “didn’t I just fill up?”. Although the majority of the fault for frequent fill-ups lies within the maker of your car, the size of your car, and of course, how often you drive your car, what many car owners do not realize is that there are things that they themselves can do that will help improve their car’s fuel efficiency.

#1 Make sure that your tires are properly inflated

Check your tire pressure regularly, we would suggest at least once a month, and especially before you take your car on any long road trips. This helps to ensure better gas mileage and safety. Under-inflated tires require more energy from the car and in turn burn up more of your fuel.

#2 Utilize your cruise control when you can

Cruise control helps your car to maintain a constant speed. This results in less acceleration and less braking (unless necessary of course). Whenever you are on long roads or highways, try putting your car in cruise control to help with fuel consumption.

#3 Don’t keep your car idling for longer than a minute

Leaving your car idle for too long consumes gas, even though you are not moving. When you are just hanging out, it’s best to do it with your car off (only in the appropriate environments, of course, and not at a stoplight or in any dangerous situations).

#4 Keep the hose in your car for a bit longer after the pump shuts off

Even after the pump shuts off, a decent amount of gas will actually still emerge out of the nozzle. Let it hang out a bit, even after the pump shuts off to get a bit more gas for your money.

#5 Slow down when driving

Driving at slower speeds uses less fuel. Not only because it requires more fuel to drive at higher speeds, but because it will be less likely that you will be accelerating or stopping and then again accelerating if you are driving at a slower speed.

#6 Change your air filter according to your car manual’s instructions in terms of frequency

If your air filter is dirty, dusty, or filled with grime, it will likely affect your car’s fuel consumption and also your car’s overall proper functioning. Make sure you take your car in for consistent air filter changes according to what is stated in your car’s manual or what your car mechanic tells you.

#7 Regularly have your engine checked on

Regular engine checkups ensure that there aren’t any underlying issues or parts wearing out that could be causing bad gas mileage or other even bigger issues with your car.

#8 Keep your car’s weight light

Driving with a lighter load will help with your car’s gas mileage. If you have any heavy items in your car, avoid driving with them unless necessary.

#9 Make sure you are using the correct octane gas for your car

Use the correct octane gas for your car as according to your car’s manual as this has a very large effect on your car’s gas mileage.

#10 Keep your oil in check

Take your car in for regular oil changes and checkups. Ensure that you are using the proper oil type for your car to ensure you are getting the most out of your car’s functioning and gas mileage.

#11 Ensure your car’s suspension and chassis parts are aligned properly

If you have any misalignment in your car’s suspension or chassis, such as bent wheels, axels, or worn out shocks, this can not only affect your car’s gas mileage drastically but can also cause further expensive damage to your car and most importantly endangers you and your passengers when driving.

If you have more questions about your car’s gas mileage efficiency or are just due for a checkup, you may be looking for a reliable McKinney car shop. Here at Nortex Lube & Tune, we are a trusted and caring group of mechanical experts that will do what we do to the best of our abilities to ensure you and your loved one’s safety on the roads. Contact us or come by today and let’s get started on the journey.


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