Driving Tips for Thanksgiving Travel


While the holidays are all about spending cherished time with our loved ones, family and friends, that often entails traveling to see one another. The holidays are a special and happy time of year; however, they are also a very busy time of year. Inevitably, busyness often leads to carelessness. When we are distracted by all the things on our to-do list, or by our noisy family in the car, it can lead our minds to wander while we are driving. If you aren’t completely focused while you are driving it can very dangerous, especially when the roads are busy during the holidays. Despite all that you have going on, remember the importance of practicing these driving tips for safety and efficiency while traveling this Thanksgiving.

Make sure your car is road ready

The first step you should take before any long road trip is ensuring that your car is road ready. This means making sure your vehicle’s servicing is up-to-date, etc. If you have a maintenance coming up, opt to take your car in a bit sooner to your trusted McKinney car shop to prepare for travel, stay safe on the road, and drive efficiently. Check all the fluid levels of your car (oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, window washing fluid, radiator fluids) as well as your tire pressure and tread. Make sure to bring along a spare and any other safety items such as a first aid kit and flashlight, etc.

Don’t overload your vehicle

Be careful not to over pack your vehicle as it can lead to a lack of safety as well as bad fuel efficiency. If your car is too crowded you will likely have items obstructing your rear view, etc. If your car is too heavy from being overpacked it will have a significant negative impact on your car’s gas mileage as well.

Pack some snacks and other supplies

Eliminate too many stops by making sure you are prepared on the road. Pack the car with healthy snacks and water to stay energized and hydrated on the trip. Remember not to eat while you are driving because this puts you, your family and others on the road at risk. Bring other supplies like tablets and coloring books to keep the kids entertained. The better entertained your family is, the less likely they are to distract you while you are driving.

Use GPS navigation

Using a GPS navigation, whether it is on your phone or another device, can aid in safe and efficient travel. Often GPS navigation will take you on the fastest route and even alert you if you are going over the speed limit. Save time by beating traffic and not missing turns by utilizing GPS technology.

Stay focused

Often our minds wander while we drive which isn’t safe. Make sure you are well-rested and energized when behind the wheel as well as that you are practicing all the safe-driving tactics, obeying the traffic laws, wearing your seatbelt, avoiding distractions such as eating or playing with the radio, or even drifting off into thought. Stay focused and stay safe.

The most important tip to take from this is practicing car safety in McKinney. Follow these tips to have the most efficient trips as well as safe ones. It all starts with your vehicle, so before hitting the road come by our trusted car shop to ensure that it is well and ready for transporting you and your loved ones. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, contact us here at Nortex Lube & Tune today.


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