8 Things That Will Make You Fail Your Vehicle's Emissions Test

Depending on your state and local driving laws, you may be required to have an emission test performed along with your vehicle inspection. Whether or not your car needs ones can depend on your vehicle's age and make/model. So, there are a few exceptions to this rule. Read on to learn why emissions testing is important.

Gas-powered engines can emit an abundance of harmful gasses over time. With millions of them on the Texas roads, emissions testing will only do us a favor. The emissions test helps ensure our vehicle's emission components are working the way they should. It is also a way to limit the pollution our car puts out.

For your vehicle to pass the test, it needs to meet safety standards by limiting the amount of exhaust it emits. Certain conditions will lead to an immediate failure of the test, like a lit check engine light. Here are some more conditions that will prevent you from passing the TX emissions test:

  • Faulty oxygen failure
  • Clogged or failing catalytic converter
  • Old motor oil
  • Improper fuel/air mixture
  • Dirt fuel injectors
  • Failing spark plugs
  • Loose or damaged gas cap
  • Filthy air filter

If your automobile doesn't pass this test, it will need to undergo certain repairs before getting a stamp of approval to be back on the road again. 


If your car, SUV, or truck needs an emissions test, we invite you to stop by Nortex Lube and Tune soon! You can rest assured that we can get you everything you need to pass this test with flying colors.