5 Cool Ways to Repurpose Old Tires


Today’s day and age is all about DIY (Do It Yourself). The big trend is also all about finding new and creative ways to recycle and repurpose different things that have lost their capabilities of their original purpose or use. It is the ultimate win when you can save money by creating something trendy out of something old, while also contributing to taking care of the earth by recycling items. The creative ideas that people come up with when it comes to repurposing are incredible. Keep on reading to learn 5 cool ways to repurpose your old tires.

#1 Tire planters

There a lot of cool different ways to turn your old tires into planters. You choose the design that appeals to you and looks best in your yard. You can either paint your tires and simply add your mulch and plants in the middle or you can paint and hang up your tires and use the inside as the planter (click here to find out how).

#2 Tire doggy bed

We think this is just one of the cutest tire repurposing ideas, and it is also one of the simplest. Pretty much all you have to do is paint your tire (with non-toxic paint of course) and add either a pillow or doggy bed inside of the tire. Check out how by clicking here.

#3 Tire footrest

There are a couple ways to do this one. One way is to take your old tire, paint it, and then add a round pillow in the center and you’ve got a footrest/ottoman. Another way to do this if you are going for more of a classic rustic look is to add a bit of rope. You’ll need a round board of some sort to eliminate the hole in the top of the tire, some rope, and just a few more items to put it all together. Check it out by clicking here.

#4 Tire table

You can turn your old tires into a stylish tire table. This one is simple, you can do this by taking two old tires, and painting them the desired color, stack the two tires, one on top of the other and then add your tabletop, say a round piece of glass or wood. Check out how by clicking here.

#5 Tire playground

There are various ways to use old tires to create playground items for your kids in your very own backyard. From a tire swing to a tire climbing tower, your kids will love their new playground, and you will love the money you saved from not having to buy expensive playground equipment.

We hope you enjoy these amazing and creative ways to reuse your old tires. Having your car regularly serviced is extremely important to ensure the best functioning of your car, and most vital, you and your family’s safety. If you are looking for a trusted and reliable shop for a car service in McKinney, here at Nortex Lube & Tune we’ve got you covered. Contact us or come by today and let us do what we do best to ensure you and your family stay safe out there on the Texas roads.


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