5 Car Noises and What They Mean


When you invest in purchasing a car, you want to make sure you uphold that vehicle and keep it in great condition. Keeping it in great condition means ensuring you take it in for its regular car service in McKinney. However, it is inevitable that sometimes things are still going to go wrong, even if you are taking excellent care of your vehicle.

Cars are complicated machines and it isn’t uncommon for their parts to malfunction every once in a while, especially for older vehicles. Having a car means you are going to have to spend money on it, but to save yourself time, effort, and expenditure costs down the line, make sure you pay attention to the functioning of your vehicle. In this case, pay attention to and try and identify any noises your car may be making that are out of the ordinary.

Noise #1: Squealing or screeching of your brakes

This is a pretty common noise that we hear coming from cars, but it is a noise that should definitely be checked out. If you notice that your brakes are making a screeching or squeaking noise whenever you apply pressure on your brake pedal, it may mean that it is time for new brake pads. The noise is caused by the brake pad indicator making direct contact with the rotor. Swing by our trusted car shop in McKinney and our expert mechanic team at Nortex Lube & Tune will be happy to help you out.

Noise #2: A rattling sound coming from your wheel

If you are hearing a rattling noise that is coming from one of your wheels, similar to shaking a penny in a jar or metal can, then it may mean you have a loose nut inside of your hubcap. This can happen if the wheel is not properly tightened when it was changed. Bring your car in immediately when you hear this noise, or you could risk your car’s health, and more importantly, your safety.

Noise #3: A pounding or knocking sound

If you are driving at a normal and maintained speed (not speeding up or slowing down) and you hear a knocking or pounding noise it could mean a few different things. It is possible that one of your connecting rods that has been misaligned, that your car needs an oil fill or change, or you have a worn bearing or crankpin. You should take your car in as soon as you hear this noise.

Noise #4: A squeak or squeal when turning

If you hear a squeak or squeal whenever you turn your wheel, this could be a sign of an issue within your steering column, or a problem with your power steering. The most common reason is that of low power-steering fluid. You should take your car in to one of our trusted mechanics to address the issue and ensure there are no bigger problems then the need for a fluid refill.

Noise #5: A “rur, rur, rur,” sound when you start the engine

This noise can be quite alarming, as is any noise that is seemingly coming from under the hood. If you are hearing this noise it likely means that your battery is struggling to give the engine the power it needs to start, and it may be time for a new one. While you don’t need to worry so much about your safety in this scenario, you should take your vehicle in to have its battery tested for error.

Any time your car is making a noise that is out of the ordinary, the best thing to do is to bring it in for a checkup. Alarming noises mean that your car is trying to tell you that something isn’t right, and leaving it be could lead to further and worsened damage, costing you more time and money. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment with us here at Nortex Lube & Tune, contact us today.


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